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Jason Carr

Music Box Alpha 0.14 Released

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Hey all, it's been a while but I have a new update out for Music Box Alpha! Here's the change log:

Version 0.14 - Released October 18, 2018

- New Feature: Fanart.tv is now being used to automatically download higher resolution artist images! Many thanks to fanart.tv for allowing us to integrate the API.

- New Feature: A new right-click menu is available on artist, album, and genre objects with options to download new images and browse for images (for artists only at current), refresh images, or open the image folders

- Improvement: Added accessibility features to volume control, now has mouse wheel and arrow key support

- Improvement: Significant performance improvements for large libraries

- Fixed: Stability issue with some music files

Going forward, I do plan to put out updates with much more frequency. The LaunchBox.Next implementation admittedly took up way more time than I expected, which is the biggest reason for the delays on Music Box Alpha development. My apologies for that. I use Music Box Alpha for my own collection (of course), so it's not going to slip through the cracks.

This update is just the beginning of the integration with Fanart.tv; eventually the plan is to allow downloading all types of missing media in your collection, select from the images that are available, etc. On top of that I plan to add fully automated CD-ripping functionality that is based on CUETools/CUERipper, as well as full tag editing and the like. These things are currently the highest priorities on the list. :)

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