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Why Isn't My Music Beautiful?


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Hi, it's me Malachi Maverick from the LaunchBox forums. I just created an account here, and I just tried this new software, the MusicBoxAlpha, and I went, and downloaded a YouTube video using a website called Offline Liberty, http://offliberty.com/  and I chose to have it convert it to MP3 format to download instead of MP4 since the program apparently doesn't accept any extension that isn't strictly music extensions that only plays music with no video playing.  This is what I downloaded

So I put it in my music folder, and I launched the program, and I added my music folder, and the song appears, and is able to play perfectly, but looks like this. Where's my artwork?  Off topic question: Are we also going to get a MovieBoxAlpha, and a PhotoBoxAlpha as well at some point to complete the collection of video games, music, movies, and photos?


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