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500 Song limit is ridiculous


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3 hours ago, BernieGames said:

The 500 song limit is just for the demo or alpha?  I've only imported a few albums so far so i haven't hit a limit, wasn't aware there was one.

Surely the final product will have no limit.

The limit is in the free version. If you purchase a license there is no limit.

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On 9/27/2017 at 2:30 AM, Newlander said:

maybe the song limit can change if a Theater mode (Music big box ;) )  was implemented or restrict features such as music analysis and tagging being limited like plex 


i know LB started off as a front end for just DOSBOX but that changed

perhaps Music box could change also in the future into something like MediaBox - which can do movies and TV also , like an all in one media platform something like kodi but with this awesome music interface that music box already has 


Launchbox - All in one Games platform

Mediabox - All in one Media Platform

that would be Amazing and would allow more feature restrictions for free users like plex currently does with plex premium :)

really excited for the future of this application 


I second that, and if it's possible, make it integrated with LaunchBox/BigBox, that's what I'm looking for AIO entertainment haven. 

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On 9/27/2017 at 8:02 AM, Enigma said:

Then it would be competing with free and in my own opinion better software like Kodi which is a very good media center software solution.

In my opinion what makes LaunchBox great, aside for the fact that it looks good, is how easy it makes to customize and set the library to your taste, which is hell in other frontends.

Kodi has the same problem, it automates too much, and sometimes I just want to CTRL+E and edit some stuff to my liking. 
I already use LaunchBox for movies with the movie scrapper add-on, it's much better than Kodi to customize info and art, but because it's not native it doesn't work as proper as it should.

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