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Support for Asio4all would be great!

All audiophiles with a PC and dedicated dacs (I know at least) use Asio. I think with extra sound support it could do well with audiophiles. Most Computer audiophiles use Foobar or J Rivers. Foobar is a pain no matter the skin and J Rivers charges way too much.

Some suggestions

>in Collection>Artist view it would be nice if it defaulted to an album cover instead of being blank when it can't find an artist. 

> A right click for edits would be great too (not sure if its there for the paid version)

>Having a show off your gear section in the forums might be a good idea, some people really love showing off their gear/setup. 

Just my two cents, I hope this helps in some way. I really like the program its off to a good start so far.

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