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@Jason Carr I love LB/BB So I expect this will be a great piece of software when polished off, but in its current state I'm worried to apply for a license just yet. I tried Kodi and its abysmal for Music, i'd be fine to use it for just Video and have MusIcBox for music and BigBox for Gaming. That being said, I think that for the sake of selling licenses on an Alpha product and moving forward, it would be nice to see a road map, or at minimum the expected features by the first official release. On that note a few things I noticed right away and suggestions.

* I'd like to see something like Kodi/Windows Media Player had with weird trippy line things that kinda go to the music, you know, the background video. (Hard to describe, but I'm sure you get it!)

* Can it play/find and add to collection videos I place in music w/ VLC. (Music Videos)

* Create Temporary PlayLists (And saved ones) so that when there is a party, the next person can pick the next song.

* Xbox one controller support

* Some sort of Windowless/Full-Screen mode

* A play random/shuffle feature that should be relative to the page you on. AKA I'f im at the root in "Collection" play anything, If I'm one deeper in a specific Artist, play a random song by that artist, and if I'm in an album, etc. My favorite feature of Plex that there is an addon for in Kodi is "Play Random". I often know I want to say watch "The Simpsons" but don't care what specific episode and I don't wan't to have to choose, same with Music.

* YouTube integration (You could take this a lot farther to load my YouTube Profile and do much more, but most importantly) for when I don't have that song.

* Ability for community add-ons like Kodi. This takes the programming pressure off you and lets the community develop its own add-ons. 


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