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Album View splits Albums by Artist? Why?


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For example I choose this Album here, which is Flac with fine Tags (Itunes, Foobar etc no problem at all), checked with MP3Tag.

album1.thumb.png.dc71b972a5bfa8c65c90e065fbf015ef.pngMusicBox splits the Album in several "mini" Albums with the same Cover and split by Artist. Where can I change this that i only see the Album itself? I don't find that very usable. 


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I guess this is because the other programs have better/worse fuzzy matches than what is currently in musicbox alpha. Remember its still a early work in progress and is not a fully formed program as of yet.

I assume its separating them by, writer/composer/guest artist etc, correct?

Not unusual in a music program, but really frustrating as well.

@Jason Carr, thoughts?

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