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Demo issue with at least flac playback behavior


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I just tried it and the flac playback isn't behaving properly instead of having the next song already setup in a cache it simply looks when the track ends thus when you listen to a live album or a mix there are small gaps in between songs. I don't get that behavior when I use Musicbee or Foobar. Since I only tried out the demo so far this could have already been fixed.

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Hey Hakker, yes, I'm still working on perfecting gapless playback when switching between songs. You can achieve it currently by using flac files with embedded cue sheets, though that doesn't help if you've already ripped your flac collection.

Album art should be 100% there though; what issues are you seeing with album art?

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On 2/20/2018 at 10:32 AM, Hakker said:

actually the art isn't in the flac but just the folder of the cd. The file name is the same as the m3u because programs like EAC bring it as such by default. For instance U2 - One.jpg

Gotcha; that makes sense. It sounds like I do need to add additional file/folder parsing for album art then. On my list. :)

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