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a couple of suggestions


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Here are my suggestions for features:
1: add a 'Country/ Nationality' tag for artists.
I think it would be great if I could organize my music collection by what country each band is from. 

2: Album cover only view
I think it would look fantastic if I could see my collection as ONLY the album covers without Artist and album names. I have made my (rather crude) artistic rendition of how it would look  (before and after) to better convey my request. (this goes for Launchbox as well, although that would be harder since game boxes come in all shapes and sizes)

3: Better gui layout modification

A way to remove or change the size and position of the gui elements would be very useful as a feature as well. For example; I don't really use the search bar or the 5 buttons beneath it, and I think it would be better to display the songs from a selected album there instead, so they aren't displayed in the middle of the collection. Also, I think the bar along the bottom is a bit too tall, and it would be nice to adjust it. I find the 5 star rating column to be redundant, as I delete any song that is less than 3 stars, and it would be good if I could hide it.

I know that none of these are mandatory, but I think they would be nice additions. All of my other ideas have been requested in previous topics.



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