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'Invalid Operation Exception' Error


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Hi there,

I recently purchased a forever license, but haven't been able to play any of my music with Music Box Alpha yet.  Had the same problem with .08 and it is reoccurring in 0.9.  I get the following error when I go to play any music:


Not sure if it matters, but I use AIMP4 to play my music files in Windows 10 Pro.  I am attempting to play FLAC files. 


Thanks for the help!

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Hey Jason!

Glad to support you and the team!  I know you'll turn out another amazing piece of software, just like Launchbox. 

I guess I went into Music Box Alpha with the mindset from Music Collector (Collectorz software).  The play button in there opens up your files in your preferred music program (I use AIMP4).  I didn't realize that Music Box Alpha would have it's own internal player.  I did indeed click on an album and double clicked on a song.  I was able to listen to my music! 

I don't mind the internal player built into Music Box Alpha.  I guess I'm just used to having the play button open up my music in AIMP4.  Will take some getting used to, but I already prefer Music Box Alpha over Music Collector.  Music Collector has a definite 'slow' feeling when you're browsing around.  MBA feels smooth, more visual and less clunky.  Looking forward to seeing it grow! 

Thanks again for the response!  Sorry for missing such an obvious feature (double click the song and play!  Duh!).

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