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Music Box Alpha 0.9 Released

Jason Carr

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0.9 is here now guys as well, with the following:

- Improvement: Artist and genre view look and feel has been updated to match the new albums view

- Improvement: Track times have been added to the song lists

- Improvement: Artist, Album, and Genre image folders now have Cache subfolders that assist in loading the images quicker

- Fixed: Track and album times were not always populating correctly

Going forward, the next thing I'd like to tackle is to integrate MusicBrainz and Fanart.tv to get full access to metadata and better quality artist images, etc. That and playback statistics as well as star ratings are high up on my priority list. Beyond that, I need to get the Now Playing and Favorites sections working.

Here are some images of the new artist and genre views:


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On 11/13/2017 at 1:52 AM, NJDave71 said:

Jason you need an exception handle when a Music file is not found.  I unplugged my external Hdd that contained my music.  MBA crashed upon trying to play a track.  I thought something was wrong with the new version.

this is a massive issue for me also 

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