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Function and Feture Requests During Development.

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!Ideas! probably already in the works. (yes i know it's alpha)

Playlist and Custom Groups with custom image animated or stills. , Scrolling Lyrics and visualizers. While in big box and or launch box ability to control music from within.
Linking to Logitech G510 and  Newer keyboard's light with music control.

Possible to Bluetooth link as media control device for Google Home, Alexa.


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Here are some of things that I would like to see.

More ways to organize albums. For example, I like audio books separate from my music. I also want to keep my podcasts separate as well.

Cover Flow. That was a feature on iTunes I used to love. So Cool.

Ways to import Playlists. Very Important.

Ways to effect sorting. For example, in a case where you have two albums by different artists with the exact same name. I want them to show as different albums, not all tracks under the album name.

Easy ways to edit/change album art inside the program.

Ways to link PDF of liner notes to an album.

Some way to pull album/artist information from a database. All Music maybe?

Also, don't know if you can fix it or not, but Feature is spelled wrong in the thread title.

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