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Memory and CPU usage


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Seems like Music Box is very taxing when it populates the music. I have had it running for around 10 minutes and well, you can see the numbers below:


The CPU is a bit troubling because it shouldn't use all of it. Sometimes I noticed my computer froze, but luckily it recovered. The memory usage is also very high, but I'm sure it will be optimized soon enough.

Love the look of it and I'm excited to be a part of it. Keep up the good work!

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Alright, so FYI, I've reduced the memory footprint significantly for version 0.5 that I just put out. However I haven't done anything to decrease CPU usage while the app is scanning files when files are added. Obviously doing that is likely to slow down the scanning process. It should go back down to near zero once the scanning process completes (which I realize was not completing for you previously, but hopefully it does now). ;)

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