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Some issues with the program

OsF Octo

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Was honestly expecting more from this program based off the promises on the homepage, which seem now like more of goals than features. but regardless, i love big box and thus have high hopes for music box.  Hopefully reporting my issues here will help as i dont see too much feedback on this forum.

1 - this seems to be an old issue but the scraper doesnt seem to work properly at all, and unlike launchbox theres no status bar letting you know if anythings being done. but the main issue with the scraper would be how hit and miss it is. more than half of my over hundred artists are missing pictures, and oddly its usually well known acts.

2 - theres basically no customization, not even so much as being able to resize view so that i can have more than 3 selections in a row on my tv. obviously the more complex options like theming and what not i dont expect so early, but things like changing whether the "artist" tab displays "artist" or "album artist" are usually early features for these things.

3 - the UI is relatively bad. its an old design and yet it tends to not work right like it does in launchbox, im almost constantly having to readjust the window after selecting an album, as its jumped to the wrong spot on the page, either too far up or too far down.

4 - my album tab is completely empty, and i cant get anything to show up here. im obsessive with my tags so im sure its not a tag issue so im not sure what the cause is.


This is what ive gathered after about 30 minutes with this music player. i dont think i'd feel so disapointed if the page selling me on buying the license hadnt made it seem like this was MUCH more fleshed out than it is. claims of "features for power users" "rapid development" and "making my music pop with theme support" shouldnt be plastered on the main page if they arent actually true yet.  There are NO themes, NO power features (no bitrates anywhere in the app), and large stretches of time between updates.


All this to say - i hope this eventually becomes what it could be. i bought a bigbox license and loved it so much that when i got the email about half off on musicbox i HAD to check it out. unfortunately i decided to support via a license before trying the demo. which i now regret as ive paid for a license to a music player with less features than any free player ive tried. I've lost a large amount of faith that i once had in launchbox and its dev unfortunately. Hopefully anyone considering buying the license expecting the features on the ad will see this first.

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Hi Octo, sorry to hear you're not happy with the product. We have a new version in the works, but judging from your complaints here, it doesn't sound like you're going to be satisfied for a long while. If you'd like a refund, please just email us at support@unbrokensoftware.com and we're more than happy to get you one. We're clearly not misleading anyone here; all you have to do is download the product for free to experience it in full before purchase. We have big plans for Music Box Alpha, but those plans don't necessarily equate to the same plans that we have for LaunchBox or Big Box.

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Thank you for the offer but I'll keep the license and keep an eye on development. I'm happy to support you, you've done great work with launchbox and are one of the more respected devs around. Music box has tons of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


I may have came off a little harsh in my original complaint, I was just surprised at how lacking it is when it comes to the features touted on the website. But you're right I should've tried the free trial longer, I opened it and upgraded immediately when I hit the 1000 song limit.

Looking forward to any updates and I'll be sure to test out any new features and provide some feedback on here, hopefully this community grows to be as great as the launchbox community!


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