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Hi, I loved launch box enough to go ahead and grab a license for music box. It helps that it looks like it's an update of the foobar2000 fusion theme I've been using since highschool but have hated it's laggy interface performance on large albums. So far I've been very happy that I can just scroll through an album with 200 songs in it without choppy awfulness I get in fusion. The downside with music box right now is that it DOES take a second to open the giant track list album in the first place. I'd gladly trade off the ability to scroll through the albums and have the lag happen all at once. But foobar fusion is able to open the album instantly, which tells me that it is possible to have a lag free browsing experience on albums with 100 songs. (soundtracks man)

I don't know where the list of planned/already requested features is at so I apologize if this any of these are a duplicate,

something I really need before I can uninstall foobar is windows media key support this would enable me to play/pause next and previous track with my media keys on my keyboard and mouse, not being able to pause my music with my mouse button makes this nonviable for me to use. I'd switch over and would start using Music box right now if this was implemented.

The other biggest feature missing is a file operations menu/function. I use foobar2000 to sort my music files into folders and names based on the metadata so having a move-to with name patterns would be a must. I also normalize my audio files with the Replaygain component so nothing is every too loud or too quiet, this scans and alters my music files volumes though some kind of magic I don't understand.

If I can get these 3 things implemented Music Box will have fully replaced my foobar2000 setup.

A small QOL thing would be the ability to close albums that I open in the album view by clicking on them again, by hitting the esc key, or by a little x in the corner of the opened track list.

Something I'd really like to see is a remote control app for music box that would let me control my playback and select songs from my library on my phone. Foobar used to have a plugin to do this through apple remote but the plugin became outdated and apple updated the app so it stopped working. That feature was awesome when it worked because I could use my computer to playback music anywhere in my house and still have control over it. Of course I realize that I'm asking for a literal companion mobile app and I know that's a big undertaking with expenses so I'd fully understand if it's just not possible anytime soon or ever. But I want to request it because it would give music box my dream functionality. A man can dream.

I'm very excited to see Music Box grow, I don't like the modern switch to spotify as I enjoy having my archive on my hard drive but I've felt stuck in the past using an outdated decommissioned interface and Music Box looks like it'll bring me into the future.


1) Windows Media Key suport

2) File Operations with naming patterns

3) Replaygain volume scanning and file editing

4) Ability to close opened albums in album view by clicking on them again, hitting esc and a little x in the corner

5) Improve performance opening large track list albums if possible.

6) Mobile remote control app.


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