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I've had a full LaunchBox license for a while now and really enjoy that software. Today I went ahead and grabbed a forever license for MusicBox as well. (I hit the 1000 song demo limit). I'm really liking that I get a lot of visual feedback in terms of how I'm building my collection with genre tags and artists photos. I want to make use of those features while I continue to build out this collection. It really helps with organization. I can see what fits where and streamline categories a bit so they make more sense as the collection builds. I hope we'll still see this project get revisited in the future, but I was happy to contribute for what is already here. Again, my experience with LaunchBox has been largely positive so I'm willing to keep the faith. MusicBox already has been software worth having.


That said, at the moment I'm mainly seeing MusicBox as a tool for building a competently managed music collection. Like I said, I really think the visual feedback is super useful for planning out a library with useful tagging info. For a music player I still see myself mainly using something like Foobar2000, though. It's just way more feature rich in terms of visualizers and media information. If MusicBox was to be a serious contender for me as a music player it needs the ability to have a condensed or "collapsed" view that is more media player focused. (An example would be the foobar skin I have attached). Something that just has album art for the current song, codec information for the media currently playing, and some kind of visualizer to accompany that. (personal preference for visualizer would be something in the vein of the old Winamp line style visualizer I also attached to this post.) Obviously the ability to build and use playlists within the software is a pretty needed feature as well. Nice to haves would be Replay Gain support and chronological album sorting per artist.

- I'd also point out that media retrieval for images from Fanart.tv seems to be totally broken at the moment. I don't care that much since its not too difficult to just fetch it on my own. But I can see how it would be frustrating to not have that working reliably.


So I if I can look back through my long windedness the TL;DR on that is...

- Graphic Visualizer (winamp linestyle with contrasting colors would be so choice)

- Different "views" for the actual media player

- Display media information such as codec and bitrate for currently playing song

- Playlist support

----Nice to haves-----

- Replay Gain for volume leveling

- Chronological album sorting


I realize its super easy for me to come in here with a laundry list of requests and far more difficult to implement these things. I just thought it might be useful to provide a little info on what I'm looking for out of the software in the long run though. Again its already super useful for building the library in the first place, but for listening. Its just not what I would use for a player currently.






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16 hours ago, Jason Carr said:

@Whatscheiser Thanks for the feedback. I agree; I'd like to have those features as well, so perhaps we can get some of that stuff added at some point. It will admittedly probably be a while though.

Yeah no worries. Like I said I'm coming in here with a laundry list of stuff. I will say though the genre sorting feature you do currently have worked out is great. I can tag songs within albums individually (for example on best of albums I can break out certain releases into different decades) and MusicBox has no trouble dealing with that vs another solution I'm looking at (Emby, which will do it but its a bit more convoluted to get it to work the way MusicBox does natively).

I know you've got to be really tied up with LaunchBox. On that front I am enjoying 13.1 btw.

Thanks again.

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