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Server/client functionality?


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Hello, I'm an avid LaunchBox/Big Box fan and subscriber, and I've been intrigued by Music Box, however it just doesn't really align with my usage case in the year 2020. I was wondering if there was any thought to have a central hub for music, but the ability to stream it out to client devices via Volumio or similar.

Right now I'm using Roon and it's amazing. It's also limited in certain ways, such as in the ability to customize. I have the music on the Roon server running on a Windows 10 machine, then shoot it out to a couple of Raspberry Pi endpoints, one running Volumio and the other running Ropieeee. Both work great. I control what plays, can switch playback clients, edit metadata, create playlists, etc. with the Roon app on a tablet. Plex work similarly, just with less of the rich, premium metadata experience that Roon offers.

Honestly, I don't see myself going back to being chained to a PC for my music. It just feels very 2000's. However, if you went in that server/client direction to replicate much of, or all of, the functionality of Plex or Roon, with the organizational component and metadata, I would be very, very interested!

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