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Gotta be honest, as someone who paid for a lifetime license, I am pretty disappointed with the trajectory of this product.  I am a huge Launchbox fan and gladly bought a lifetime license for it as it is a stellar piece of software with continuous development constantly offering new exciting features and upgrades.  I expected somewhat similar support for this product as it is coming from the same developer but over time realized there was no where near as much time or resources being put towards this.  This is obviously understandable as Launchbox is an industry staple at this point and I'm sure is a much much bigger cash cow than this is.  Totally see why you would put more time effort energy etc. into Launchbox.

That still doesn't change the fact that my experience with Music Box Alpha has been really disappointing.  I will always be a Launchbox fan but as of now I have retired my use of Music Box Alpha.  It is simply missing too many bare minimum features and is too clunky for day to day use (in my opinion).  At this point, with the absolutely desolate release schedule, I have simply lost interest/hope that these features & functions will ever be implemented.  I would be very happy to return to Music Box Alpha if some of these key functions and fixes were implemented as it seems to be the foundation for a really nice attractive way to interact with your digital music collection.  For now I have switched to using MusicBee as it is completely fully featured with basic necessary functions as well as many more additional features than I could ever dream of.. all at the price of $0.00.

Some quick examples of bare minimum features that are missing off the top of my head (I haven't used the product in well over a year now so correct me if I'm wrong):

  • A Stop button
  • A Repeat button (ability to repeat 1 song, vs entire album, vs entire playlist etc. would be a nice bonus!)
  • Ability to organize albums chronologically
  • Playlists?

Normally I would never pay for something as basic as a media player but your body of work with Launchbox convinced me it would be totally worth it.  I will forever love & respect your work with Launchbox but just want to be honest with you as a customer of Music Box Alpha that it has grown to be a major disappointment of unrealized potential.

I agree that your userbase is small for this so far, but to be honest it is deservedly so if it is missing many basic essential features and has 1-2+ year gaps in update releases.  I would love to recommend this to my friends and get you 10+ new customers but in its current state I simply can't in good conscious.  Sorry for the brutal feedback but just being honest as a huge fan of your work ❤️ Music Box Alpha could still become something big with a little extra time energy & love.

P.S. But really I'll be honest Launchbox is way more important even for me.  There's only so much time & energy in the day and the world appreciates everything you've brought to the classic gaming community with Launchbox 🙂

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