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Jason... a couple questions


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Are there any plans for having the ability to have an online collection of any type? Along the lines of this: https://connect.collectorz.com/music . We have a stupidly large music collection and a feature like this comes in very handy when we are out searching for new music. If something like that is in the plans we would definitely jump (my husband just doesn't know it yet :) ). I would LOVE to leave the Collectorz ecosystem anyway.

Also, any plans to be able to manage non-local media. He is in the process of converting all of our vinyl to digital, but with just shy of 6000 vinyls it is gonna take him a while. Which I guess goes along with the first part and online access to the collection when we are out music hunting.

Like I said over on the LB forums, we have no use for a player/tagger/ripper. Not likely to ever switch from Foobar2000, but some sort of music database features, I'm there.


Thanks for your time 

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Time is really not an issue just wondering if you had any thoughts about something like that or if not what you thought about it. Paid up for a little over a year there and would MUCH rather give you the money than Collectorz when it's time to re-up.

Thanks for the reply.

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