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17 hours ago, nightfall said:

Firs of all I want to say I love launch box ,and I`m looking forward for your sucsses with this program.

I have one issues . when I select music folder I don't see anything.



Are you referring to Manage Folders from the menu? Where are you exactly in the interface?

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21 hours ago, nightfall said:

after I add the folder from the manage foleders. im triying to look after the songs that I added but don't see anything.

there is only one format of files that can I import?

Ah, I see. It should be able to import mp3s, m4as, flacs, and pretty much any other typical music format. Does the folder show up in the list after you add it?

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7 hours ago, nightfall said:

yes. the folders appear at the manage folders . now I see amp3's  on the songs lists but not

the mp4s there is plugin I need to install.

Video files are not currently supported. This is a audio app, i don't know what future plans are, but it currently will not play videos i'm afraid.

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