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Music Box Alpha 0.6 Released

Jason Carr

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Hey all, just released 0.6 with the Genres view implemented. The Albums view is next!

Here's the changelog:

- New Feature: The Genres view has been implemented!

- Improvement: The demo song limit as been increased from 500 to 1,000

And a screenshot of the genres:

Untitled-1.thumb.jpg.bc8fe4dcfa651f0cac90dd0213f40c05.jpgAny feedback on the genre images? Obviously currently it's a conglomeration of album art; I'm not in love with it and I would rather have actual genre imagery, but I haven't found a good source for genre images. Thoughts?

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I actually have a whole bunch of Genre images I made to go with my old Tile Box LaunchBox style... a bunch of them should be easily worked into some kind of Theme Pack here. What dimensions should I be working with? The images generated by Music Box just now are mostly 600 x 400, but I tried that just now and a portion of the logo gets cropped off.

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