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I already have some artist images

Droopy san

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I have no problem with my album arts since they are in tags and well displayed by MBA.
But I have troubles with my artists images.
I already have some artist images with my music, into each artist directories. (fanart.jpg).
Is there a solution, like edit a ini or xml file or anything else, to use my fanart.jpg files ?
The scrap failed for numerous of my (that's right, not very well known) artists.

If not possible I still can duplicate and rename each artist image into the Image/Artists directory. And resize and duplicate them into the cache subdir.
But it will be time consuming, so if an automatic use of my artists images is possible, I would be pleased to know it ?

Even if it's impossible, many thanks for this lovely piece of software.
I bought it nearly immediatly : I am searching for this kind of stuff for years.
I know that there is still some work. But I already like this good compromise between Groove (simple but too many limitations) and MediaMonkey (Nearly perfect but sometime too complex for a quick session).

Thanks again.

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Unfortunately I don't have an automatic way to do this, outside of using some sort of a bulk rename tool to rename the images and put them in the right places. There's one called Bulk File Renamer around that should work (though it can be rather complicated to use).

Thanks for the purchase and glad to hear that you're liking it. :)

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