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Problems Reading Music into Musicbox


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Hi, Im using the latest Alpha 0.5. Installs, fine, applied licence fine and then select a folder with music, I thn close the import dialog box and nothing happens, no updating, no music.

I uninstalled musicbox and physically removed all the related files and folders in the install direcotry and reinstalled from scratch.

Still nothing imports or shows up.

Am I completely missing something Im supposed to do to initiate the reading of the music files or should it happen automatically, I am completely at a loss of what to do.

Is there any chance a "Begin or force reading music into musicbox" as a temporay measure to get it to read in the music.

Desperate to try it out, and just cant get it do do anything.

many thanks

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@modex Thanks for the purchase! We'll get you going. What type of music files do you have in the music folder? What is the file extension?

One thing you can try to help me narrow down the problem is to select a folder that contains a single album to see if that works, and see if there's a specific folder or file that's causing the issue.

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Gotcha, so it could be network related, yes. I haven't done significant testing loading music over a network as of yet, though I know that there are other people doing it successfully. My guess is that there's a file or two hitching it up somewhere, but it's hard to say. Let me know if you narrow it down any and I'll dive in deeper. :)

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Hi Jason,

Your program is running well, its me thats the idiot, I chose a couple of directories where I had new MP3s and there were no tags embedded in the files at all, so poor old musicbox had a read through them and obviusly couldnt report back anyhting as there was nothing to read.

Meant to post a follow up statement but have been working all day.

Re: loading over the network, no problem at all, reads the music files perfectly and very quickly too.

I did however notcie when I imported all my Beatles music, which I embedded all the tags and pictures of each album, musicbox did not display the album covers, just an observation :)

By the way, I watched your entire developer session yesterday on launchbox and really enjoyed it, you make coding look so easy, yet I know how difficult it really is.

Anyway can I say a huge thankyou for both Launchbox and Musicbox, both absolutely amazing products.

I even use Launchbox to manage my comic collection:)

many thanks



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