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First impressions\Feature Request


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I'm a licensed LaunchBox user, so of course I had to check this out!

After playing around with the software for a few weeks, I like it. It's *almost* where I would want it to be at a bare minimum. There is just one feature I would like to see implemented, which I wouldn't think is too difficult.

When I pull up a collection, and then select Songs, if I play a song, say track number 7, I would like it to just continue from that point, to play song 8, 9, etc. Instead, it starts at the top after the song I selected is over. So if I select say song number 2, it will play song 1 and then 2 again. I could just play the whole list from song 1, but I would like to be able to start from wherever and just continue.


Feature Requests:

  • Power off system from inside MBA.
  • Graphic EQ display in the dead space between album cover and the Now Playing portion on the left.


Looking good so far!

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