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In order for me to invest $25 into these are my must haves

1.  jukebox mode (puts the app into Kiosk mode and music can bee added to end of queue)  with a cool Jukebox skin.  

2. party mode (lock down front end)

3, use Onscreen keyboard or arcade controls

4. Option to display information about the artist while the music is playing.

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Adding more requests that make me want to pay full price:

  • +1 for "Jukebox" mode, with touchscreen and/or controller controls (@Points 1,2,3,4 from @NJDave71)
    • Should work like a "jukebox" at a bar, plays requests then next random song.
  • Add a viewer for Music Video with Subtitles and Karaoke CD-G Support.
    • With these two features I would want to own the software - as I can use it for parties
    • This also would have a huge market do you know how much karaoke machines cost?
  • Once the viewer is in place add support for loading other Videos [Bonus - should be easy to add]
    • Huge Market for this as "4k" movies and shows as they do not stream well off the internet and people like showing off their 4k TV's.
    • Sure - They would need to manually tag it - but using an API you could look up the partial Tag on a database (same as GamesDB).
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Great request everyone I would love a jukebox skin. @Jason Carr I don't know how hard it is to implement but one thing that Plex is missing badly is a graphic visual equalizer and I would love to see that get put on my MusicBox and also the ability to have a section in MusicBox for music videos as well. I have a good collection of 90's rock and metal music videos that I would love to see get organized in MusicBox. My arcade cabinet would be awesome,it could be an arcade machine and a jukebox when I wanted to hear music or watch videos.

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I am now a forever License holder because I believe this could be really incredible. I have a over 4500 songs and here's what I like to see to help easily navigate this collection, search, filter and play

  • Re scan your music folders on startup or on demand
  • Add total Collection count
  • playlist view Display images Horizontal or Vertically highlight current song playing in playlist (scroll to see what played and what's next)
  • Right click to add to playlist "Next to play" or "add to end"
  • drag song to playlist
  • Save Playlist and name them
  • in the now Playing frame cross fade image to show Up next
  • Most played songs add song counter
  • Ability to Edit Music meta data
  • Jukebox Mode / Party Mode
  • Enable Crossfade checkbox
  • Use fade-on-stop/skip track (option)
  • Remove Silence at End of tracks (option)
  • Remove Silence at Beginning tracks (option)
  • Gapless playback
  • add Visualizations? (Plugin)
  • Auto Equalizer by Genre if avaible
  • view Additional Artist Info, Lyrics, song facts, etc (plugin)
  • Custom themes from the community
  • Sleep Mode (music will fade out and stop at the desired time with option to shut down your computer)
  • Alarm Mode (Wake up to a playlist or song at desired time)

Please don't make this into bloatware

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@Jason Carr  I thought you would appreciate these tree maps, shows over 100 replys of people with over 1TB and how much of their collection is "videos, music, pictures and other"  

If you can add a way to organize videos as well you have a potential user base of 66,000 users in that forum - at a conversion ratio of x%, well you do the math.

You are onto something here.... give it time.... 

For example here is one where Red is MKV (Video) and Blue is FLAC (Audio):


The treemaps should help you understand what types of files to support in future versions to get those users.


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  • 5 months later...

Just wanted to add another +1 to the concept of supporting karaoke .cdg/.mp3 files in Jukebox (BigBox!) mode. 

Also would like suggest the ability for a mobile device to connect to the MusicBox program in an ‘admin’ or ‘party’ mode, allowing users to scroll through the library and add tracks to an active playlist. 



(LaunchBox prem member)

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