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MBA 0.18 Findings so far


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Hey @Jason Carr, just thought I'd put these thoughts down while they're still fresh.

Metadata editing seems to work, but throws up some errors now and then. It said in the error box that those get sent automatically, so likely you're seeing them already.

Editing a song's metadata while another song is playing causes an odd edge case. If the song ends and moves onto the next song, the song list will switch away from the album you're trying to edit.

I'm getting Unexpected Files Found in the Temporary directory errors often. Checked the MBA folder and I'm seeing that it's held onto two complete albums, even tough it had already copied those off to the Music folder. Not sure why those are in the MBA root. Deleted them manually and the error went away.

One album failed to get identified by Musicbrainz, it was Face the Music by ELO. I know Musicbrainz has it, though. It's possible it didn't find the specific pressing I have. I had to add the metadata in manually before ripping it. Afterwards, MBA was able to grab the album cover for it, but the song titles I needed to fill in myself. Some way of telling MBA "This one is close enough" would be a nice addition.

Which brings up another issue with that newly ripped ELO album. After ripping and editing its metadata to fill in the song names, it looked like all was good, but when I closed and reopened MBA all the song titles I'd just added were gone.

Righty, that's all I've got for now. Have a great weekend, man!



MBA Folder.png

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Okay, I see what happened with the ELO CD. MBA made changes to the flac file's Title and Track Tags. With each title I changed it changed those fields. While MBA was running, it appeared to be fine, but since the album is a single file, only the last change applied, which was track 8's title and track number. However, the cueshet wasn't changed, which is where track titles are stored.

I suspect the behaviour for editing this type of album will have to be looked at. The CUESHEET field is a requirement for this type of rip to work right, so checking for its presence should be doable.

Yay Alpha testing!

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