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audiobook support

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i have some audiobooks i like to add but i like to keep it separate from my music

i have dummyed up some pics for a nice setup 


pic one would be how to keep the separated just a simple dropdown taging this folder as music or audio

next one is a dummy audiobook page

tabs needed are author title publisher and series

i only made a author pic but i hope you like my moke up

as you can see there is a pic of the author with their name

a bit about them scraped from wikipedia

along with the birth date and age (need to be programed in to convert) and if dead then death date

as well as a quote from them if listed in wikipedia

and alone side their pic would be books scarped in side mba showing some booked by them that are in the app


as for how my audio books are they are just plane mp3s

i have upload pics of some audio books folder setup as sample for you


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Apart from creating new views, playback isn't all that different, though you'd have to store the track and time position by default.

There's also the .m4b format, which is an aac file with embedded chapter data. Then there's DAISY, which is a whole other kettle of fish.

I'd kind of like audiobook support, too, at some point. Right now I use Audiobookedfor that, which is fine, but it's a bit buggy at times.

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Thank you guys; hopefully eventually we can add proper audiobook support. It's probably a fair ways out though, as there's a bunch of things I'd like to add for music first.

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