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Korbarn DK

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Has been almost an year since I've purchased MBA and I have to say that I'm somewhat disappointed with the overall experience. I guess I thought I'd have the same experience that I have with LaunchBox. 
Although I understand it's currently at Alpha stage, the gap between releases is very sparse, the amount of content that's implemented is very low and not as helpful as one would want/expect,
and the lack of information regarding where it is heading and the forum is way too quiet.

I'm currently not using MBA as my main player but I'm constantly checking the forums and the software for news and updates. Maybe if you would provide us a roadmap or something to look up to would ease our minds (mine at least).

Thank you and I'm sorry about the rant.

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I have tag editing in the works and nearly completed and that will be out soon. After that the plan is to get playlists going.

The sad fact of the matter is that my audience for MBA is much smaller than my audience for LaunchBox. I would love to devote more time to MBA, but as the audience is smaller, it's difficult to devote more time than I currently am. I'm sorry you're disappointed; I can offer you a refund if you'd rather just move on.

Regardless, MBA development will continue at least at it's current rate; I use it for my own music collection (and I find it priceless), so my interest in it is not going away. We have a large enough audience to certainly make it worthwhile as well, but I have to be fair and devote a proportionate amount of time to each project.


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