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N00b here... feature questions.


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Playing around with Music Box and love it. I hope to some day build my jukebox around this. That being said touchscreen will eventually be needed. What hardware do you recommend? Is there going to be a "bigbox" mode? 

When scanning in my comedy tracks (Tosh/Regan/Segura/Burr) they all load. Including album art which is great. But no category is created for them.

What services does MusicBox use to scan images, assign and dictate create categories? 

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Hi dmb, touch screens should already work just fine. Hardware requirements are minimal for MBA, so I wouldn't worry about it so long as you have a modern machine that runs Windows 10 decently well. Windows 7 machines should work as well but generally Windows 7 doesn't work quite as well with the modern technologies used in MBA.

There might eventually be a "Big Box" type mode, but that's a fairly long ways off.

There should be a genre created for those comedy tracks, so that's how I would envision separating them out.

MBA uses fanart.tv with Musicbrainz data.

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