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I like where you're heading.   Just a few suggestions...

1.  When I sort all songs by Album, I would think that the songs on each album would be ordered by track #.

2.  When you are playing songs and view the album, I would like to see the current track highlighted in the album.  Sometimes it works, but when you select Collection\Albums after looking at other things, you'll lose the highlight.

3.  When you view the Queue, you can't see the track # of the song that is going to play.  Be nice with a lot of songs to show the track # as a column.

4.  I would like to see the current playing track in the Queue, highlighted and say playing.  

5.  Probably already asked for, but Jukebox, Shuffle, Play Lists

6.  Can't modify your Queue, delete tracks / albums after adding to the Queue.   You can play an album, but only by selecting a song on the album, which kills your play list.   Right-click add to Queue?  

7.  Add drop & drop support to add images to artist or album.

8.  Can only get multiple albums in the play list by hitting the play button at the top of the screen.  Difficult to setup to play say 4 albums or a handful of songs.

9.  Can you add the ability to see the rip accuracy if you have the log file?   I see that I can open the log and get to the rip status, but it would be nice to see it, if I want to decide to re-rip a CD.  

10.  When you insert the CD after previously ripping it, it would be nice to indicate that the CD is already ripped and give the accuracy after right clicking on the CD icon at the top right.  

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