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No track titles or information displayed on album page


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Hello! I bought music box a couple days ago but am having some trouble figuring things out. 

The biggest issue I'm having is for some reason lots of times I have no track titles or information displayed on album pages, just numbers and a rating.  If I double click on a track it'll play, and the player on the bottom will show the correct information, but the album info stays blank. Then, randomly, as I'm messing around with the program, some albums will have the info, although the track titles are cut off and there's no way to resize the field to where you could see it. It isn't a tag issue, the files are all properly tagged. 

Also, is there any way to remove items from the database other then removing the files from the directory? I'd really like to scan my entire music folder and then trim out the items I don't want in the database, but I can't figure out how to do it. This makes the program a little awkward to use because I have a really messy collection and I'd like to trim out artists with only one song, for example. For now I have a small folder with select albums picked out to use, but I'd really like to just scan the whole thing and then clean it up. A "hide" feature like launchbox has would be fantastic.

Thanks for your time! I'm a big fan of launchbox and am hoping to get this usable for me as well!



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Hi Undaunting, it looks like maybe the window is just sized too small. What is your screen resolution? Can you size the window any bigger? In the future we'll add more options for hiding and showing columns and resizing and such.

Currently, there's no way to exclude songs either, but that's a good idea to add as well. Thanks for the support and we'll get those features in there soon. :)

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It's a 1080p display but I have it vertical, so horizontal res is limited. I attached a screenshot of the whole screen for reference. 

I think you're on the right track though, because when I move music box to my main horizontal monitor, and then open and close an album, all the information shows up. If I then drag the window back to the vertical display while it is there, it shows the song title and nothing else, so it seems like it has problems prioritizing information for vertical displays. Being able to choose/resize columns would definitely help solve the issue. Thanks again for your time, looking forward to the next updates!


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