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Some issues worth mentioning


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I downloaded MBA last night and started to rip my CD's using the latest .17 release. I like the CUERipper approach and the ease of use is excellent.

There are however a few things to add and address.

First, if a disc isn't recognized, there's no way to re-query for metadata. Adding album info manually prior to ripping only gives you an album with trackes numbered and not titled. They check out with accuraterip, but Musicbrainzwasn't able to id the disc. I know it's early, but querying for a match should probably be up there on the priority list, as ripping CD's isn't as useful if you get a bunch of incomplete or unknown albums. Also, even when a disc is identified, often times the Genre field is left blank and has to be added manually.

Sometimes when albums get added to the collection, one entry will take up the entire row. I have no idea why this is happening, but it looks like something to do with box sizing.

Given how early this program still is in development, it's not a huge deal to run into stuff like this. I'm just pointing them out as I come across them.

Best of luck, folks!

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Okay, I just had it happen again. Here's a bit more info and a way to reproduce it, I believe.

First, go to the albums tab. Click on an album to bring up the tracks list. Rip a CD. The tracklist disappears and the album grid gets messed up.


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