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How do I add to favorites?

Robert Perkins

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I just downloaded and purchased Music Box..  But I can't seem to do anything and I can't find any instructions.

I pointed it toward all my MP3's (imported fine, I can see all of the songs, artwork, etc..)

But that's it.  Can't add anything to favorites, can't make a playlist, can't right click anything, can't drag and drop.

Am I missing something?  Right now I can see my 1200+ songs in alphabetical order..  which is not very useful.

Maybe I jumped the gun - BigBox is very complete..  

Am I running into a bug hopefully?





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Hi Bob, that doesn't sound like it's working properly, though it's not really enough information to figure out what's going on. It is much earlier software than LaunchBox, however. Let me know if you'd like a refund and I'll send it your way.

You should be able to switch between artists, albums, genres, and songs at least. Is that working?

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Hi Jason

Everything you mentioned works.  I can play songs, click between Genres, see songs in the collection..  The Album art shows up is there, etc..

There is a Favorites tab on the left under collection - but seemingly no way to put anything in?

I understand its a work in progress and it looks great.  

Let me know if I'm doing something wrong..  I did not install as admin.. could that be it?



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