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Music Box Alpha 0.16 Released

Jason Carr

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Music Box Alpha 0.16 out today with more media downloads and three new music playback engines! Here's the full changelog:

- New Feature: Three different music playback engines are now available: DirectSound (the new default, recommended), WASAPI, and Wave Out

- New Feature: A new playback latency option is available as well; both settings are available under Settings in the new Playback tab

- New Feature: Missing album art images are now automatically downloaded from fanart.tv as well!

- New Feature: New options to Browse for Image and Download New Image in the album right-click menu

- New Feature: New option to Browse for Image in the genre right-click menu

- Improvement: Song files that are removed from disk are now hidden from the collection, but the metadata will still remain (just in case a drive is missing or something of that nature)

- Improvement: Song metadata should now update properly on startup for changed files

- Improvement: A new progress bar is available at the top of the window while Music Box Alpha parses files

- Fixed: Time reporting in the controls bar at the bottom now works properly for songs that are longer than an hour

I ended up putting off CD-ripping and tag-editing functionality in order to put in the above quality-of-life updates first, as I deemed them to be more important despite my desire for those features. Regardless, those features are coming soon, as well as support for playlists.

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