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Music Box Alpha 0.25 Released

Jason Carr

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Hey all, version 0.25 is out now with the following:

  • Improvement: The included version of CUETools was updated to version 2.1.8, which should help fix a number of issues with CD ripping

  • Improvement: Album song lists can now be collapsed as well (instead of just expanded) by clicking on the album a second time

  • Improvement: The album song lists were cutting off artist and track names if the width of the window was too small; we now hide the album image and resize the columns to ensure that artist and track names are not cut off

  • Improvement: Better debug logging has been added to help troubleshoot any unexpected issues; it is on by default and will create log files in the Logs subfolder, but can be turned off in Settings

  • Improvement: Downloading artist and album images should now be a tad bit quicker and more reliable, and details are now located in the log files

  • Fixed: Song selection in the albums view was jumping to the top after double-clicking on a song

  • Fixed: Rare issue where the Music Box Alpha window would start up sized way too small

I focused on fixes and minor improvements for this go around, but we'll be back to new features shortly.

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On 2/8/2023 at 10:23 PM, dablais said:

Same thing for me, I just bought it.  Is there still development ?





While MBA is still in development, it is currently in a state of feature freeze. There is still a list of features to be developed, but it will probably be a while before any of it makes its way to the app.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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