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Can someone sell me on what makes (or is going to make when it's finished) Music Box special?


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I'm currently using Music Bee, and it's fine for me at the moment. Nothing special or flashy, but it gets the job done without being a CPU hog like iTunes was when I used it.


I LOVE LaunchBox, so I have expectations that this isn't going to just be another music program, but I haven't been able to find a video that's covered the overall vision for the product.

There was a point in time where I thought Big Box was a nice feature, but that I wouldn't really bother to use it on my PC since I figured that if I wanted to use an emulator, that using Big Box would just be an unnecessary step before launching it. After really sinking my teeth into Big Box, I "got it", and now I see using Big Box as a way to sit down & lose myself in it, as opposed to just a way to launch a specific game. It made me want to try more games, as opposed to just a way to launch it.


That experience has made me want to know more about Music Box. I like the UI of the demo version of Music Box well enough, but with the 1,000 song demo limit along with features not being implemented yet, I'm left wondering what the end vision of the program is going to be. 

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Hi @PurpleTentacle, I don't currently plan on doing anything too outrageous. There may be a Big Box-style interface eventually, but honestly that's a long ways off, if we do end up going that route. The next few features I plan on implementing are tagging and automated CD-ripping. My goal is simply to create an attractive, themeable interface that's also a good music collection manager. I know there are lots of alternatives out there, but I've always stumbled on at least something with pretty much every music player I've tried.

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