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remove tracklist after clicking album


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Going to album view , music box alpha lists all my albums, clicking an album lists the tracks below.

Is there a way to remove the track-list to go back to just show the albums ?

Also, clicking on the scroll bar doesn't always work. i have to move the mouse cursor slightly for it to grab hold and let me scroll up or down.


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Hi, yes got the new version, much nicer to be able to collapse the albums.

It would be handy to be able to have music box start up in a different view instead of artists.

For example i always have mine on album view.

Also regarding the scroll bar issue.. when my mouse cursor is over the last few pixels before the edge of the screen it stops registering that it is on the scroll bar.

Its in full screen. When in windowed mode the mouse cursor changes to the window sizing cursor near to the edge, so this whole issue is probably due to the position of the scroll bar.

Its nothing major.




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