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I have the MBA on an external drive.  I have created a music video folder on the drive separate from the music folder on the same drive,  I can move the music videos into the video folder, but when I launch the MBA folder the videos are not sorted to the artist.  I do have a music video tab on the collection bar and the videos appear there, but not on the artist tab.  Where did I go wrong?  Many thanks for adding videos to the app.  Great job.  I hope my explanation makes sense.

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Hi @mauimate, the artist field can either come from the file tags (which are on some but are not automatically included on all music video files), or the video file names themselves. If you name your video files like this:

Artist - Song Name.mp4

Or like this:

Artist - [2000] Song Name.mp4

Then MBA will automatically pick up the artist and song title names. Also, you can right-click on the video files and edit the metadata to manually enter an artist or a song title if needed. Hope that helps. :)


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