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Music Box Alpha 0.23 Released

Jason Carr

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Hey all, Music Box Alpha 0.23 is out now, with the most important feature being support for music videos. Since I've neglected to announce several versions here, these are the changelogs since 0.19:

  • Fixed: Relative paths were sometimes causing issues when playing video files
  • New Feature: Music videos are now supported and can be played inside of the app! Simply add a folder for music videos and Music Box Alpha will scan them and associate them with the artists in your collection.
  • Fixed: Music Box Alpha was sometimes jumping to the next track when the active sound card or port changed (such as when plugging in or removing headphones)
  • Improvement: Music tags with multiple genres that are separated by commas instead of semicolons will now correctly show with multiple genres
  • Improvement: The space bar and media keys will now work when Music Box Alpha is focused to play, pause, or move to the next or previous tracks
  • Improvement: Keyboard navigation has been improved across the board (navigating between elements with the tab key and showing keyboard focus)
  • Fixed: Genre image generation was not always using all possible album artwork
  • Fixed: Occasional playback hitches at the beginning of tracks
  • Fixed: Unnecessary rescanning of certain tracks on startup
  • Fixed: Occasional positioning issues playing flac files with embedded cues
  • Fixed: When playing or adding a song in the middle of an album, sometimes songs were playing out of order
  • Fixed: Pushing the '+' now adds the visible tracks to the "Now Playing" list as it should
  • Fixed: Various playback/order issues with the shuffle feature
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