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  1. Hey Jason, My memory isn't that long. It has probably been 15 to 20 years since I have had these files. I'm letting this one go and chalking this up as some sort of file corruption. These files have been sitting on my Google Drive for a very long time. I have imported them into MusicBee for further testing and have a similar problem. I can play them directly from the file manager or from VLC just fine. I have around 6000 other tracks imported since I first reported this and have not run into anything else similar.
  2. I just bought a lifetime license and am slowly adding my library as I fix various tag issues. I have run into a few issues that I'll log as I gather more information, but this one is weird. Boards of Canada - Boc Maxima As you can see in the image, some of the tracks are duplicated, however not exactly duplicated. Red Moss for example is listed as track one at 5 seconds, but should be Track 12. It is also listed as track 2. If you add 6:16 and 0:05 together, you get the correct length. Playing either plays just the listed time. Everything You Do is a Balloon is the same issue. I have opened this album in other music apps and those work fine. MP3Tag looks correct. Maybe the XML will help? MBA lists this album as 22 songs when it should be 20. If I remove the one folder, all 22 vanish. I tested that just to make sure I didn't have another folder with the same tracks in it somewhere.
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