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  1. i got mostly vinyls so here is my list https://www.discogs.com/user/jefu/collection
  2. Johan

    No cover

    Hello i have no cover on this album even on foobar200 does have it, its weird
  3. The album Neighbourhoods wont be in the list
  4. are you gonna fix so we can do just an fine rename on alpha
  5. i can explain this and i cant see the album cover art
  6. 00602557005141_003_USMC10110874 title but on the title it is First Date.mp3 etc D:\Punk\Blink-182\Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
  7. just regular mp3s i got from directly the blink 182's site gott an reddem code from the vinyl code and my limited box to, Can you help me out.
  8. Hello i cant see my blink 182 collection i have and added and "CALIFORNIA (Deluxe) vinyl" will show just show up but does box on box alpha and not all the other albums i have.
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