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  1. My first concert when I was 11 yrs was the first "Day of Rock n Roll" with Sammy Hagar, Nazareth, Van Halen, Heart, Blue Oyster Cult & Boston. This was the summer of 1979, at the Superdome. Not long after I saw Kiss, still in make up. I've been to hundreds over the years, but lately, not many. I also played in local bands and got to open up for some pretty big acts at the time (80's).
  2. +1 to this. I have many videos, all under one folder, I need this ability. Since I accidentally bought this, thinking it was renewing my launchbox, I might as well have the features I need!
  3. Hope u are NOT still waiting?!?!?! That was what, 4 years ago!!!! LOL, amazing.
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