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  1. Log attached. About the thumbnails: I'm on Windows, but never use Explorer, I have Total Commander as default file manager, so no thumbs are ever created when I browse files. As far as I can see, MediaMonkey creates sidecar thumbs with same filename. EDIT No, wrong, EMBY server did that, I forgot that I also use EMBY, lol, too many media managers! Debug 2021-04-27 08-31-10 PM.log
  2. Ok, updated. It works with no crash, I've added the Video folder that the first time made it crash with no problem. For the record: music videos have no preview, MKVs have no visible info at all, MP4s do have visible infos, most likely from tags; here and there there are "holes" with blank slots: instead of a video/album frame I simply see the background. Both videos and mp3's play fine.
  3. Ahh, I've reinstalled it from scratch and it opens fine now. But I've only added a few videos, last time I've added many more, maybe it was that. Where is the log located anyway?
  4. Ok, thanks for the feedback. It looks barely usable for the video part actually.
  5. Hi, found out about this project just yesterday and immediately jumped on with lifetime license. I've been collecting music videos for years and always organized/tagged them with MediaMonkey. But that program is music oriented, so the best I can get from that is random screenshots of music videos. So, since this project is related to Launchbox, I wanted something to scrape my collection and show me beautiful tabs with infos, whistles & bells for music videos. I made a quick test, imported a couple of folders with a few hundreds of music videos. MBA created Artists pages, but many of them were pictureless in the main tab. I scrolled down and saw a few being filled with picture, but at some point those that were blank stayed blank. The music videos in each Artist page were also blank, they did not even show the title, just a blank bar under a generic video format picture. Then after closing MBA I could not open it again. When I click its icon I can see in the Task Manager that it fires up for a few seconds, then disappears. And that's why I cannot even attach a screenshot. That's it, I hope this project will become a power tool like Launchbox.
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