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  1. That works for now thanks! One more question, not image related - but when I go to add an album to a folder of a band that already exists, how can I get it to import the new album? I just have one main folder named MP3 imported, with has something like 280 bands in their own separate folders underneath it. And I'm just trying to add an album to one of the band's folders. I got the album imported eventually but not sure what triggered it. Is it on some kind of timer or constantly searching folders and I just have to wait it out?
  2. While putting in custom Artist pictures I found that Guns N' Roses would not work with "Guns N' Roses.jpg" It seems to be the ' causing it
  3. Hi Jason, On the topic of images: I just imported my collection on MBA 0.18, All my albums grabbed the embedded artwork from my mp3s and look great! I found a couple album arts that didn't work - it was because inside the mp3 the album art was set to "Other" instead of "Front Cover". I used mp3tag to change them all to Front Cover and they import properly now! I don't think you have image editing in the built in tag editor yet but I do love what is there so far, it works great and can make things easier! A lot of artist images are blank. Some pretty well known bands too like ACDC, Disturbed, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Tool etc. Its not a big deal though it looks like I can just download my own and put them in the \MusicBoxAlpha\Images\Artists folder Anyway thanks again for your work on MBA it keeps getting better and I look forward to Playlists in the future btw is there an option to clear the now playing list? Only way I saw was to exit program
  4. edge3000

    Missing cover images

    Hi Jason, just wanted to mention that if I remove a folder from music folders and re-add it, it does not import new album art from the mp3. It instead uses the old images left behind in cache. As soon as I delete the old images from cache it pulls in the new ones from the mp3 tags. I like the idea of an album art downloader, but please make it optional. I would personally like to use only the art that is embedded in tags, and have an option to refresh all images.
  5. Have you considered Discogs.com to see if it is suitable for your image needs as well? Mp3tag uses it for cover art and metadata and they have a pretty extensive database. https://www.discogs.com/developers/ It did mention this though: Requests are throttled by the server by source IP to 60 per minute for authenticated requests, and 25 per minute for unauthenticated requests, with some exceptions.
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