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  1. Hi Guys, it would be awesome if MBA supported music videos i have checked and it seems that Vevo and you tube both have API's that could be used to stream or download (i assume there could be legal issues with downloading) eg if you goto an artists page below the albums could be thumbnails for the music videos to open full screen or even having a shuffle option to create your own MTV or music video channel - Personally this is something that i've always wanted and couldn't find any software which does this , having a feature like this would make MBA stand out from the crowd , would be happy to make some mock designs if need be @Jason Carr keep up the good work
  2. hopefully that will be soon , can't wait! , would love to see integration with BigBox also
  3. Hi Jason, is it possible for a post or video about the future of MusicBox? as in future features and what to expect from the application, also been a while since the last LB or MB stream I've missed them
  4. Yeah 100% i think it should atleast for spotify , i will 100% purchase if i know this will be a feature
  5. yeah i would love an outline of what the future of music box will look like hopefully scraping for vevo and youtube music videos can be added and possibly concert/live dvd scraping also
  6. just like how LB competed with hyperspin? kodi is ok but is really lack luster for lots of things , someone like Jason could make it much better , makes musicbox more appealing to other people if it covered more media types
  7. maybe the song limit can change if a Theater mode (Music big box ) was implemented or restrict features such as music analysis and tagging being limited like plex i know LB started off as a front end for just DOSBOX but that changed perhaps Music box could change also in the future into something like MediaBox - which can do movies and TV also , like an all in one media platform something like kodi but with this awesome music interface that music box already has Launchbox - All in one Games platform Mediabox - All in one Media Platform that would be Amazing and would allow more feature restrictions for free users like plex currently does with plex premium really excited for the future of this application
  8. Hi guys as attached if i try to play any song the application crashes as attached , i have troubleshot this issue , my music is stored in a networked location which was turned off , works find when its active , could i suggest a "Could not find specified file" or something similar message rather then the application not knowing what to do and crashing Thank you
  9. ive checked its not a naming issue man , all the files are named correctly, as you can see its imported them twice
  10. Hi Jason , thanks for the reply, since updating when i try to play any song it now crashes immediately
  11. Hi Guys just thought i should mention that music box is importing the same artists and songs multiple times with slightly different names eg Avenged sevenfold and Avenged Sevenfold Slipknot and SlipKnot images attached as examples should hopefully be buying a license soon , so we can get someone else on the team and because @Jason Carr deserves it, still need to update my LB license to forever also but one thing at a time , keep up the great work Jason
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