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  1. No problem @BrewHo, best of luck with it.
  2. Hi, I'd the same issue, I had to uninstall, then go to the install directory and manually delete the files remaining there and reinstall. Once reinstalled I added around a hundred video files at a time and it seems ok now. I think it crashes if there is too much to process at one time.
  3. Hi , I have the premium version, It seems ok now, I haven't added music videos again in case that was the issue.
  4. Ok, I went into install folders and removed the files remaining after an uninstall and then reinstalled, now it loads. Is there a file limit on the amount of music files, ( 435GB, about about 1100 albums,) I'll leave out the video files this time see what happens.
  5. Tried admin mode and turned off antivirus, still no joy.
  6. Just uninstalled and reinstalled, whereas it booted the first time I downloaded and installed it, I got nothing this time, I can can see it in taskmanager when first clicked on to load, its draws up to 30% cpu then fades and never loads. This after a fresh boot of my PC.
  7. This time I had taskmanager running prior to clicking on the start icon, ( as nothing usually happens on screen) runtime broker process maxes out the cpu and then drops to between 15 -30% while Music box alpha program appears on the task manager for a minute or so then it just vanishes as a process, no other information appears.
  8. Hi, Posted this as a reply yesterday but I should have posted it as a topic, apologies for the double posting. I was adding music and now the program wont start/ load, I checked task manager and its not running, I did a reboot and same issue occurs? Tried to reinstall and I get so far and it stops installing. I'd appreciate your help with this.
  9. Hi, I have the same issue, was adding music and now it wont load, checked task manager and its not running, did a reboot and same issue?
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