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    Never say never, but i would highly doubt it to be honest.
  2. I actually just noticed this myself yesterday, exactly the same behaviour. Start with a track in the middle of a album and it plays that track and then starts playing the album from the beginning once that track has finished.
  3. I purchased Launchbox from the UK, so the $20 converted to about £16 at the time, exactly as expected as it was the current exchange rate.
  4. Musicbox does not touch your folder structure, you just point it at your music folder and it catalogues what you have. Any artist images it downloads is kept in the musicbox folder structure, album covers are not downloaded but are pulled from your existing artwork.
  5. Thanks Jason, no right clicking and downloading image does nothing at all on those artists.
  6. Im not sure if this is actually working as intended Jason. As you can see in this image i am missing artist images for 2Pac and Adele, both pretty well known artists i think you will agree. If i go to fanart.tv and search those artists there is a lot of available images, including artist thumbs and artist backgrounds. https://fanart.tv/artist/cc2c9c3c-b7bc-4b8b-84d8-4fbd8779e493/adele/ https://fanart.tv/artist/382f1005-e9ab-4684-afd4-0bdae4ee37f2/2pac/ So if the scraper is using the artist name which i assume it is then it should of found both 2Pac and Adele unless it has to do with upper case letters, the artist names on fanart.tv all seem to be in lower case in the URL when searched as you can see while my artist names in Musicbox start with a upper case as they should, could that be a issue at all?
  7. I dont believe Musicbox downloads album cover art, it just uses the artwork from the album folder, so it is just using what you already have in that folder, its not actually downloading any. I think i'm right in saying that it downloads Artist images, but not album covers.
  8. Video files are not currently supported. This is a audio app, i don't know what future plans are, but it currently will not play videos i'm afraid.
  9. The folder you have imported is scanned automatically for new music at Launch. At least it should be.
  10. The limit is in the free version. If you purchase a license there is no limit.
  11. Well that is a very edge case, its a game soundtrack ripped from youtube not a album/single , the music scraper will grab artist images from the net, but the album art needs to be with your music in the same folder, im guessing you have neither.
  12. This has just happened to me again, i was listening to a two CD album with MusicBox minimized. The 1st CD finished so i went to maximize to start the second disc and i couldn't, windows made the bong sound it makes and the icon in the task bar just flashed every time i clicked it so had to end task in task manager. It was a standard MP3 at 320kbs if that is of any help to you..
  13. I have had this happen to me also, only the once so I didn't report it.
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