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  1. I should have thought so. I have all my music on a file server which I have mapped to network drives in windows. I pointed Musicbox to there and I have no problems
  2. Not gonna lie, freaked me out a bit, glad I looked in the settings out of curiosity when I was looking for the log file
  3. Figured it out, for some reason it made the window this small haha Noticed when I looked in the settings.xml file 160*48 hahaha Looks fine now
  4. This is what opens up when I load MBA, nothing else, just this grey rectangle. I'm going to try uninstalling and re-installing, will hold off just in case there are some logs or something you would like uploaded or something, I dunno haha Let me know
  5. You implemented it, you legend!!
  6. Flippin heck, Garbage and Type O Negative Haven't heard them since I was a teen
  7. Looks a little something like this. Current listening to's are mainly Tesla, specifically the album Bust a Nut
  8. Eeeeexcellent. Saves importing into cubase and trying to get everything to line up or paying for more software.
  9. I know Music Box isn't a learning tool, but I would love to be able to change playback speed. 75/50/25% Makes working out tasty licks so much easier. This combined with space bar pause/play and also a loop a/b would be a guitarists wet dream!
  10. For me I would love to have space bar to pause and play songs I play guitar and being able to quickly mash space bar at a tricky point is invaluable
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