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  1. cool, thanks for the replies. just wanted to help in case it was a bug
  2. Positive, there's no way I'd take the time to do that haha. I remember being surprised that it found them on my other install. Even for some of the smaller artists. It won't even download new data for the artists it did find. I guess I should have shown that too. Firewall issue maybe?
  3. Thanks for the reply! I changed computers and when I fresh installed Music Box on the new HD it downloaded about 10% of artist images and won't let me do it manually as you can see above. I plugged in the old drive to see what data was there and all the images were there just fine. I hope I'm not being too confusing. I haven't tried to install again because I wanted to be able to replicate the error for you. I can try to reinstall to see if that will fix it?
  4. Here's a gif. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. In my previous install all these artists had images without having to do anything manually.
  5. Having a minor issue where multiple versions of the same album do not separate. In this particular case I have both an FLAC and MP3 version of the album. Here's how it looks in MBA and WMP. You can see that WMP separates Drab Majesty's album "The Demonstration" possibly based on file type, or maybe because I have them in separate folders. Not sure exactly why but it does it somehow.
  6. CutTheRug

    Video Scraper

    Oh boy, I got so excited that I bought this before letting my brain process the name of the product. I've been dying for a community driven UI like this, but I just realized that this is "music box", and not "media box". Any chance of a movie scraper being added at some point? I don't mind having launch box, and music box, but having a third program to organizedand launch videos would make me a sad panda.
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