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  1. Playing around with Music Box and love it. I hope to some day build my jukebox around this. That being said touchscreen will eventually be needed. What hardware do you recommend? Is there going to be a "bigbox" mode? When scanning in my comedy tracks (Tosh/Regan/Segura/Burr) they all load. Including album art which is great. But no category is created for them. What services does MusicBox use to scan images, assign and dictate create categories?
  2. dmb062082

    music sources

    I understand why you would suggest secondhand stores. I have been using torrent sites (ONLY FOR MUSIC WHICH I am legally permitted to download) and want new sources. I found a modified version of pandora that lets me download every song that I thumb up. Those titles contain enough info in them when downloaded to scan everything needed into musicbox. Once again I ONLY DOWNLOAD songs I am permitted to download and would never talk about anything illegal on here. The Pandora quality is very fair. I just hope when I get a few thousand singles dumped into musicbox the render time does not slow when compiling into lists. Flac is just not readily accessible for me at this time.
  3. dmb062082


    I too am a forever licence holder because I believe. One thing that may be vital to attract the masses is touchscreen. I think in the future this feature will be begged for, especially with a jukebox mode. All good bar jukeboxes let you select with your drunken digits.
  4. dmb062082

    music sources

    Can someone please direct me to a great music source? In PM if need be?
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