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  1. I might have to do a Full Windows Reinstall from start,MBA is on my C Drive but all my music is on E Drive. I have been downloading and installing media artwork for months to match my Artists,changing text in albums etc etc Can someone tell me what folders i should be saving before i reinstall so i dont loose all my Artwork and Media text changes etc? I dont want months of work disappearing. Is it as easy as installing Music Box again and dragging my saved C Drive music box folders into the new Windows C install and everything stays the same,with all my changes etc?
  2. So when i type in AC/DC all my album art appears,but dissapears after restart as it reverts back to AC;DC. Is there a workaround to this,is there a folder somewhere that stores text data that might ovewright the metadata change? Its the only Artist so far that this does this to
  3. Its not 1 song its full albums. So i have downloaded a full NEW discography torrent all the albums appear under AC;DC,when i change the metadata (AC;DC to AC/DC) it works until i restart Musicbox,then it goes back to AC;DC.
  4. Bought this few days ago and been adding media and music non stop for hours,now the program wont start up at all. Ive reinstalled and it still wont start up,fresh win 10 also installed.
  5. Hi i just bought this for my new Touchscreen setup,i have run into a few problems though. MAIN PROBLEM 1 1.When i go to change a Metadata,it never saves on restart. I have all of my AC/DC albums,but some appear as AC;DC,therefore creating 2 folders......When i go into Metadata edit i can see the options Artist and Album Artist and it has AC;DC.......So i go to change both bars for AC;DC to AC/DC.....It works first time and all my folders change into 1 main AC/DC folder,however on restart of Musicbox,it reverts back to the 2 folders again. Whats going on? What am i doing wrong? 2.Is there a better option to turn up/down the volume knob via touch screen? Like a slider added,rotating the counter knob at bottom causes hassle by overlapping the windows drop down bar. 3.I cant seem to add Favourites to any of my songs that i play,whats wrong? 4.Additions,Will there be a visualizer added?What about a youtube quicklaunch for videos through musicbox.
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